2 Billion Bees in 2021 Project

Our goal is to create 200k homes for bee families. Donating them to 100 affected countries with a simple click we reach a target of two billion bees that could save the entire planet.
Save 100 bees for one dollar. Are you up for it?

216200 bees saved

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Welcome to the new social honey world: food security, plant health, research and innovation.

Bees play an important role in our daily lives. Not many of us know how big of a difference can they make in a world endangered by pollution, fast economy and bad management. In that spirit, we decided it’s time to make a wake-up-call and start acting.

We found the easy and fast way to do that for a friendly environment.

With a perfectly intergrated communication plan, we set out to work with bee hives, targeting geographical areas that encounter such problems, donating two thousand hives to the associations of beekeepers from 100 affected countries.

We encourage state-of-the-art technology and we stimulate the protection of bee families.

And all we have to do is donate one dollar to save one hundred bees.

BEEat that!

Buzzing facts about bees

Pollination is the vital process in the reproduction of flowering plants. Many of the foods and crops we rely on require bee pollination.

They contribute to one third of the world agricultural production of agricultural crops, but also to the quality of food.

Agricultural plants that require pollination are an important source of jobs and income for farmers, especially small farmers and family-owned farms in developing countries.


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Management process for beekeepers

The process is simple, we endorse the protection of bee families, facilitating the access of beekeepers to hives, thus stimulating the production of best quality honey.

With such a big global impact, we are going to save two thousand bee homes all around the world.


What can you do with one dollar?

You can buy

a small cup of coffee,

a sandwich,

a soda,

or you can save 100 bees from disappearing and you can give them the opportunity to thrive.