Welcome to BeeRole, the global beehive.

You are most welcome to join a buzzing social network for beekeepers and honey lovers everywhere. Our distinct role is to support a global cause – saving the endangered bee populations to maintain the natural equilibrium of biodiversity. Are you with us?

Starting a digital hive

We’ve built the hive’s interface and technical infrastructure, you can help us develop the honeycomb to bring the honey home

The digital beehive is a very powerful social media marketplace web platform built to scale into a worldwide community of people and businesses passionate about beekeeping, making and selling honey products

For beekeepers everywhere, our new platform is instantly engaging, also sweet and social for honey lovers.


Busy bees welcome.
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Cross-pollinating the honey industry

Welcome to a club that connects you with fellow beekeepers from around the world.

We have built a digital beehive to welcome people to communicate, share knowledge, sell products on a fair trade market and promote their enterprise. In order to make apiculture a sustainable source of income for beekeepers, we need to ensure all the help.

We need to show beekeepers their work is appreciated.

Sourcing worldwide honey

Find the world’s best honey from beekeepers and honey makers across the planet. Wouldn’t it be a dream to taste honey from Zimbabwe, Nepal or Mexico?

Connect with honey-makers, follow their stories, taste their products.

Sell honey from anywhere in the world

Become an active member and have access to a number of promotional advantages to feature and promote your honey products for global buyers and resellers. We are supporters of honey production or honey bee-related products and services.

  • Open your own Worker Bee account
  • Handle your personal e-commerce business
  • Sell your honey products directly to clients
  • Communicate with your network
  • Learn from the community
  • Save the planet
  • Buy honey from anywhere in the world

    Join us to taste the best honey in the world. The scope of the marketplace is to connect honey lovers to beekeepers everywhere to enjoy honey related goods and services.

  • Honey Products
  • Health and Nutrition Honey Products
  • Natural Body Care Honey Products
  • Beeswax Products
  • Honey tasting is a sticky job but we love to do it

    If you’re a honey lover, you’ve found the perfect place to find, taste and review honey products from all around the world.

  • Rate and review products
  • Find the sweetest deals in the world
  • Discover honey aromas you’ve never taste before
  • A buzzing community

    New to the sweetest industry in the world?

    Learn all about beekeeping, the bees and honey from experienced professionals.

  • Read articles about beekeeping
  • Follow your fellow beekeepers’ Hive Logs
  • Communicate your challenges
  • A buzzing community

    Are you a professional beekeeper?

    It would really help others to learn new tricks if you can share your skills.

  • Mentors to teach and guides to guide you
  • Connect to fellow beekeepers
  • Connect to professional associations
  • Read all about the latest buzz in the industry

    Welcome to a publishing platform that features all the updates in the industry to empower hundreds of millions of beekeepers and bee-honey aficionados.

  • Real-time information about the bee-honey industry
  • Learn more about honey provenance and products
  • Professional articles written by experts in the field
  • Entrepreneurship and promoting organic farming
  • Knowledge exchange within the community
  • Biodiversity conservation, heritage and apitourism
  • We think and act like a hive

    We aim to build a smart, productive and organized community of people and organizations directly involved in growing the beekeeping and honey industry. In order to empower the worker bees of today, the world needs to connect on a global network

    Love the honey. Save the bees. Help the planet

    We need to sustain the production of high-quality honey, to sustain bee colonies, crop pollination and support biodiversity. Helping people understand the bees and the vital part they play as pollinators is our mission.

    Flower after flower after flower

    We aim to contribute to holistic social network of bee & honey lovers to help promote the beekeepers as entrepreneurs and provide income and sweet honey to the community. Our honeycomb starts with a cell to develop into a worldwide network of honey cells.

    Complementary medicine

    Honey has significant potential to help as complementary medicine in the prevention of chronic diseases like cancer, stroke, hypertension and diabetes. We’re here to bring the news, the science and the healthy products right on your table.

    Help us save the bees. It’s more than our job, it’s our duty.

    Our distinct role is to support a global cause – saving the endangered bee populations to maintain the natural equilibrium of biodiversity.

    The BeeRole is a platform that joins the efforts of people all around the world who can implement real-life strategies to reach, educate and support organizations and individuals that actively contribute to make the world a better place for our friends, the bees.
    Join us to support a global cause, you are of great help.

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